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I just wanted to say THANKS to all who have answered my questions over the last couple weeks. I got my LOR unit on Monday and last night was able to run a sequence as a test. I would have never been able to get the unit up and running so fast had it not been for the forum help to give me a head start. I plan on starting my shows tomorrow evening....I backed the truck out of the driveway last night to run my sequence...this was late at night.....had a car come by and stop in the road, trying to figure out what the heck was going on...guess they found my frequency because they hung around for the song...then I think they loaded up a friend and came back...it was over by then as it was just a test..

Bad thing...we are having HIGH WINDS today...so I BET it will be replacing some broken bulbs this evening and re-hooking up some lights....NC weather in December...

I have a website up now as well.... www.smithfamilychristmas.com

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