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Moving Segment Macro with Fading Tail


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So I've been working furiously to update my sequences to use the CCRs (I had two 8-segment arches, now have 2 CCRs). The one thing I've discovered that I really miss by using the macros is fades. When I did 'traditional arch' programming to move a segment across the arch, I always had the lights fade out. It provided a pleasing 'comet tail' effect. If I use the CCRs Macro Mode 1, with Submode 3 (or whatever) the pixels just turn on and on. With an LED that's a very abrupt off. It gives the movement a very artificial look (which I could see being good in a few cases). But I'd like something more.... organic? (even see KITT's scanner and the Cylon scanners which leave trails as they move).

Within the current Macro Mode 1, I'm not sure how you work it into the setting. I guess if you restricted the size of the segment to 9 (probably big enough for most people for most things?), you could use the first digit for the fade time in tenths of seconds and the second for segment length. This would maintain compatibility with existing programming (unless it had a segment of more than 9). So a submode of 24 would move a 4 pixel segment with the pixels fading in 0.2sec after they are "off" (no longer part of the current position of the segment). Or if you didn't want to break existing stuff, a new Macro Mode could be created for it.

I suppose this would also apply to Macro Mode 3. And I suppose it could even apply to the various Fill macros when "unfilling" the ribbon.

This means enough to me I'd do an in season firmware update if it was available. I'm also considering 'doing it the hard way' and programming them 'by hand' using the 150 channels to get my beloved fades.

Comments (or firmware updates) welcome. :-)


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OK I have several posts here how easy it it to pogram... All you need to do is cut and past your 8 channel arch sequence into the CCR... The only thing you have to do is take Channel 1 from last years Arch sequence and past it 6 times from CCR Channel 1 to 6 (50 CCR channels divided by 8 Arch channels). Repeat for all 8 Arch channels.... You now have the CCR arch acting just like last years sequence.... After Christmas you can change it 2 a 50 channel Arch...

I would make the Arch into a 10 Channel Arch... 5 CCR pixels per channels..


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