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Wasn't there a thread on this event location problem

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I thought there was a thread on this a couple of months ago, but having trouble finding it, or the info in the WIKI. (Not saying it's not there, just can't find it.)

When I manually insert another event (split an event) quite often when I try to move it I get the warning "At some point during the drag, you tried to drag this event to a time before the previous event, or after the next event. Are you sure you want to move this event?" when that really wouldn't be the case. I suspect something is happening to the order of the events just prior or after the one that appears to have been added, because when I move the event left of the one I think I added towards the left, the one even next left of that one jumps to the drop spot instead.

Not sure that description is easy to follow. But anyone who has experienced it will know what I'm talking about and if there was every a temporary work-around discussed until LORII comes out.

LOVE the software and LOR products!

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