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Delighted with LOR

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As I've been reading the messages from folks using LOR for their first time (and their occasional struggles) I recalled last year and my first LOR experience.

I had come to PlanetChristmas to ask about plywood cutouts, got sidetracked into automated lighting, and eventually to the LOR website. I went through all the learning experiences as the new folks ... and can still feel the amazement I experienced as Dan helped be through quirks which were all my doing. Every company should strive to provide such exceptional customer support.

I made it through the 2004 holidays and then used 2005 to better understand LOR -- and buy a few more controllers -- and learn how I could better configure my system and build a better show.

My show is still in "preview mode" while I finish up a few things, but those who have seen it say it's far superior to last year's effort.

My point ... though ... is that Dan's early coaching (along with Chuck's admonitions to "crawl slowly") helped me to do everything this year without having to call on Dan or his team. I think it's really an acknowledgement that the products are great and the little bit of support on the front end can enable us to be independently successful and become LOR Ambassadors.

Thanks to Dan, Mary, and the entire gang ... my holidays have never been brighter (and more twinkly, shimmery, etc.)

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