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Failing 16 channel AC Board


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HEllo all,

Last night during my show one of my controllers went a little haywire. I have been using this controller since 04 with no issues but last night it got into a state where all channels were on at about 75%. You could still see the channels pulsing to full power as I would have expected in the sequences but they never went back to full off.

When the show ended I ran the HW utility and and got the same behavior. It appeared that they stayed on even when there was no heartbeat on the network. However; I am not positive on that as when I left the house this morning they were off.

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot?

Thank you,


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Start by resetting the card.

If it has dials, power it off, set the dials to 00, power up for 10 seconds, power off, set the unit ID back as desired, and power up.

If it has no dials, Power off, pull the jumper, power on for 10 seconds, power off, install the jumper, and power up...

Then if that did not do it, look for any moisture, or traces where moisture has left contaminants on the card, pulled into alignment between components, leaving a residual resistance on the surface.. If any are found, clean any contaminants and moisture off the card.

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Also try resetting the low levels on your controller. Go into the hardware utility, find the controller in question, and then re-program "low" level to 0. I find I have to reset one once and while to a 0 "off" level.

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