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Can I operate relays

Richard Esposito

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This is my first year with LOR. In the past, I used twelve relays to turn my display on and off with an intermatic timer. I have 20,000 lights, 100+ blowmolds, motorized displays and music. My new controller operates a megatree and I have a couple of channels left. Can I use one of the channels to operate one relay which would operate the other 12. I figure this would be well below the amp rating for a channel but don't know if a controller will work on something other than lights. I would like to do this to syncronize everything and have better control of the timing of the display. Any help would be appreciated.


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I use a relay to turn on and off a bunch of my lawn ornaments.
The relay controls 2 circuits.
Orginaly I just wanted them to turn off the ornaments at the beginning of the song and back on at the end BUT I have used them as part of some of my sequences !
I heard LOR controllers don't work well with the relays by themselves and have attached a short string of LEDs.

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