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DC-MP3 start time problem

George Cotton

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After running continuously for a couple of months (Halloween and now Christmas), my DC-MP3 has a developed a quirk.

Shows are scheduled to run from 5:30p to 11:00p every night. The last regularly scheduled show ran at 10:30p last night (Thursday) as expected, of course nothing after 10:52p (end of sequences). I went to bed a little after midnight and no lights came back on.

For some reason I awoke a bit before 3:00a today (Friday) and was about to drop back off to sleep and I noticed the light show started right at 3:00a according to the talking clock on the computer. I got up and ejected the SD card to stop the show.

This afternoon, I download the show open which is 30 seconds, a 2 minute song and the close of about 30 seconds to the SD card by itself using the Simple Show Builder. When I put the SD card in, the show started and played the open, one song, close and then went dark as expected. At the top and bottom of each hour thereafter, it played this short show again.

So I unplugged the whole system, plugged it back in, pressed the reset button on the DC-MP3 and put the short sequence card back in. Same thing at the top and bottom of the hour. It is now in its 3rd unscheduled replay. It's like the unit is just ignoring the hour part of the command and going with top and bottom of EVERY hour not paying attention to the hours it is supposed to run.

Yes, the DC-MP3 clock is set right, at least the Hardware Utulity says it is.

I have been using the SSB exclusively for programming as I don't use triggers or anything else that can't be done with SSB.

CTB16DV6 - 4.32 firmware
DC-MP3 - 3.3 firmware
LOR Software - 2.6.2 (today download)

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