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Simple Show Editor? Basic Show Editor?


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I am a first time user this year, and have 24channels. I went to create a show to playback to test everything, and I used the Show Editor. I added musical files, saved the playlist, and went into the Calendar editor thing; and chose what days and times to play the list of sequences. When I saved it, it said there was an error with a conflicting sequence - there was nothing previously running. Ideas?

Also, the Simple Show Editor - I tried to make it work, but when I went to select a show, I click on "all files" and then continued on setting up. Moments later (when it hit 7pm for the show to start) - the LOR log scrolled the show it was playing at an incredibly fast pace, but said "show error" after the show file extension.

I can only get a show to play by opening the Sequence Editor, and controlling the lights by pressing PLAY to watch/test the sequence.

Any ideas?!

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Could you please send me (bob@lightorama.com) the following:

  • A copy of the status log
  • The output of LOR Verifier
  • Your schedule files
  • Your show files
  • Your sequence files


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Fixed the problem. Simple Show Builder works! I think a file that was not a sequence somehow got into the list to choose from, and was added by accident. Ran fine last night with no problems!

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