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4.4 versus 4.3 differences in fade/intensity, Dan?


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I've been investigating why my LOR 1602 V7 board with 4.4 firmware is having so much trouble fading my LED strands, while my V5 boards with 4.3 firmware are just fine. I had kind of put this project 'on the shelf' for the moment, and was checking out some terminator/snubber details for the PC folks, and noticed that the two waveforms don't look the same on each box.

First, here's the V5 4.3 firmware box with a single strand of blue C6 LED's (50 count, CDI 2009 models), with no terminator. This is a 40% intensity setting using the hardware utility console. This box works just fine.


Then I did the same exact thing with the V7 4.4 firmware box, plugged into the same outlet, with the same strand of lights. Here is what it looks like:

Notice that curving waveform as it approaches zero actually overshoots zero?

I don't remember the intensity setting I had for this picture of the 4.4 firmware unit, but it was less than 40%.


See the overshoot? Just playing around with my V5 4.3 firmware unit I could never get it to overshoot, or look anything like this.

Any ideas as to what the difference is?

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