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I am up and running!


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Well, it's been a long time coming, but I finally have a display this year. I bought 2 16 channel deluxe kits, cords and the Generic Starter kit in Dec. of 2006 planning on running a 32 channel setup in 2007. I even picked up a Ramsey FM25B kit.

I built one of the controllers and the FM transmitter and they tested out OK. I then found a really good deal on a couple of Cantex enclosures and picked them up. Then life intervened and everything was put on hold. Things have calmed down this year so I planned on just running what I have, a 16 channel display. I installed the board into the Cantex enclosure and drilled holes for the cords.

On Sunday night I finished putting up the lights and hooking up the controller. I have a couple of TSO sequences that I tweaked for my setup. At about 10:00 PM Sunday I manually ran the two sequences in a continous loop to test things.

No problems at all. My wife was awestruck with the whole thing. :( She stood in front of the house with that look of amazement on her face when the first sequence started. That alone made the effort worth it. It's one thing to watch videos but when it's your house, well that makes all the difference.

We live on a somewhat busy street so I doubt we will get many people stopping, but the neighbors have three kids and once I show them I'm sure we will get a bunch of people standing on the sidewalk to watch.

No pics or video yet. It's in the plans to shoot a video and when I do I'll post it so everyone can critique.

Thanks for reading. I just had to tell someone.


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