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Same Sequence Playing


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I have 14 Sequences in my Show. But if I run the show in Play in Order, the first or the second sequence keeps playing over and over. So then I run the show in Shuffle and every once in a while , one of the sequence will repeat once or twice. How can I fix that? I have the 32 channel Advanced Edition Version 2.3.8. Thanks, Bea

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I'm guessing you also had your shows scheduled to run until midnight?

Since Bob explains it best ...

"What's new in Version 2.5.6"
If a show was scheduled starting on Saturday and ending on Sunday, instead of playing through, it would continuously shut down and restart. A common symptom of this is that the first sequence in the show's musical section would play over and over.

You'll need to upgrade, or move the end time back a few minutes.

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