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controller not recognized

Dave Wilkinson

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This has probably been delt with in the past on a number of occasions....however, after reading posts for over an hour, I havn't come across my problem.

I have 3 controllers.

Plug in #1...works fine

unplug controller, Daisy chain #2 controller, .... computor recognizes it and all tests out fine

turn off power, Daisy chain #3 controller.... refresh... still only 2 controllers recognized.

I have tried connecting every controller configuration there is and it always comes back as only recognizing that there are only 2 controllers. I have swapped the cat5 cables around and am certain that they are all ok.

There must be some simple step that I am missing.( I am new to this, so if you need more info please ask.)

Thankyou in advance for any help. I have been trying every combination for about 3 hours now.

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With a single controller hooked to PC and using the Hardware Utility, can you control it? And does it have it's own uinque ID? Do this for each controller. Sounds like a duplicate ID problem.

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Thankyou very much. Very helpful and cured my problem. I feel like an idiot. I should have seen that. I suppose that is what happens when I try to fix things when I should be sleeping.



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