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controlers work inhwu but not in sequence editor


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my first year with more yhan 16 channels and i cant seem to get them working properly. one box i bought direct from lor,one from ebay,the third is a diy kit i built. all three work they all test properly in hwu but second and third boxes do not work in sequence editor.please help!!!!

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Your sequence file could be the cause of this.

Open up one of your sequences and then pull down the Tools menu, then Channel Property Grid. This will pull up a table that lists the channel assignments for all the channels in your sequence file.

Under the headings "Device Type", "Unit", and "Circuit", do you have assignments to all 48 of your channels spread over the three controllers? In other words, does it show channels assigned to LOR Controller, Unit 01 Ckt 1-16, Unit 02 Ckt 1-16, and Unit 3 Ckt 1-16?

I'm assuming from your post that one controller is working, but unit ID2 and unit ID3 are not responding in the sequence editor?

Thanks, Randy

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