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I have moved all of my LOR sequences to a new laptop which is running Vista. I have been able to open my sequences in the sequence editor. I can modify and save my sequences. I can see all of my controllers and use the hardware utility functions with no problem.

I tried to set up a show and make sure it worked and when I clicked on the musical sequences tab, clicked on the new tab and then clicked on the open tab, it opens a window which looks like windows explorer. That shows the Documents folder open and shows Subfolders of Light-O-Rama then subfolders of Audio and Sequences. On the right side of the window I get a message that says "No Items match your search".

I can open windows explorer and go to the same folder and all of the sequences are there.

What am I doing wrong here?

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I am rather new to LOR myself and just in the past day I started to play with the Simple Show Builder. One of the first steps was to select squences that I wanted in my show. Well nothing was listed in the box. And there are 3 options in the lower frame of the box. One is for 16 channel shows. One is for 32 channels shows and the third option is for "All" shows. Once I clicked on the "All", I could see the sequences that I have been slaving over for the past few months.

Now I know I ided this as the Simple Show Builder. But I wonder is this what the op is talking about or if the Show editor has anything simular?

Good luck

First year, first night lights on. And all seemed to have worked right.

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