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CTB16DV6 - can't change unit id

Rob LaRe

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CTB16DV6 - Hardware Utility 1.6.1 - Sees unit but only id 01, no matter what I set the dials to.

Had another neighbor want to join the show this year at the last moment - figured as opposed to needing to air ship controller and begging Dan for super speedy service - I borrowed one from a friend to use until I can get another one shipped.

Using SC485-RJ45 Serial Adapter connected to PC (Comm 1)

Have just this controller hooked to the pc currently.

PC runs Windows 98... I know, I know but always figured if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I know I can set ID numbers on old unit (no dials) via the hardware utility - anyway to do that to this one (thus ignoring dial settings)? Or am I just missing something simple. I know I should know this... but working on very little sleep and feeling kinda slap-happy so thought I'd reach out here.


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Yes - that is what I meant by "dials" in my original post. Rotary switches is a better term... tired sorry about that :)

I have tried several different combinations but regardless hardware utility reports back finding unit id 01

I'm familiar with setting the rotary switches and have about 24 other controllers all set. Didn't know if there was something about this particular controller / version that doesn't play friendly with my old version of hardware utility, etc

Thanks again

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I am at a loss

will watch this for info

someone will have an answer

up till a couple of weeks ago I was running 98se with

a serial adapter -- no problems -- but iuse an usb to serial adapter cable from

radio shack and use my rs232 comm port for x10

I made this piece up before realizing you are one of the sole supporters of

LOR I have to find out where you are in relation to I_76 and I-71 in Ohio

Frank A.:)

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Hi Rob,
try this as I got this from Dan some time back.

I suggest that your reset the controller. Power off, set unit ID switches to 00 then power back on a few seconds. Power off then set the unit ID switches back to the original settings.

also remove the data line.

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Thanks Jerry. Was just jumping on to post that oddly enough I had it search one more time (set id to F0) and it found it as the correct ID. Might be back in business. Now if I can get the two wireless homes down at the end to show up (always finicky) we might once again have blinky lights on Hail Ridge Drive :cool:

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Thanks William.

Think I got the whole thing up and running last night - looks like we'll have 20... maybe 21 homes on the street this year. :cool: Couldn't do it without the help of probably the greatest neighbors and friends one could hope for.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Down here in my part of Cincinnati, Mt. Washington, they light up our water tower (static lights running down), legend is it started as a couple of drunks at the local bar, but now it's an official thing, so it's not unprecedented!

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They'd probably really need to be LED, our lights run down the tower and probably has a lot of amps.

Heck, I have to split my house outline up to spread out the amps, until LED next year.

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