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PC processor requirements?


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Just curious as to wether or not my Pentium M 1500 CPU would have enough horsepower to run my displsay using (12) 16 channel controllers.

My bet is yes but I would like to know before I actually install the software and transfer everything over to it for this years show.

Ill be traveling this Thanksgiving and the wife has the job of making it work whilst I'm away and I need to take my "BIG" laptop with me hence the smaller older machine.

Thoughts or experiences anyone?

I just learned to read!
Found the requirements on the download page:
"500 MHZ or faster" so I should be all set right?

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First year I ran 5 controllers (second year, 7, I think) on a PII, 233MHZ machine. Mind you, I didn't try to sequence on that machine, just run the shows. It did just fine.

I don't think you'd have a problem with your machine running the shows.

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