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DC_MP3 strange yellow LED flash

George Cotton

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I have unplugged and removed all of my Halloween lights and displays as none of them will be used for Christmas. However, I left the controller up and running (for no reason, I guess).

This morning as I was leaving for work, I glanced over to the controller and saw only the Green LED on. But something else caught my eye. The Yellow LED did about 10 flashes in less than a second. Waited about 15-20 seconds and did that again. I had never seen this before. I ejected the SD card and put it back in. Same thing after the boot up sequence. I then used the SSB and recreated the show and put the SD card back in and all was normal.

Tonight after the "show" stopped running, just the normal Green, Yellow with it's double flash and abnormal Red LED were on. No fast flash of Yellow (yet). Could the SD card data have been corrupted? I had no indication of a power outage on any of my clocks.

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