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Sequencing, power and sound questions


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Hello, first time to the forum & LOR so a definite novice! I am planning to un-box my new 32 channel showtime package this weekend to begin figuring it out and I had a few questions.

First question is on sequencing- I see they sell about 5 pre programmed sequences on the LOR website for 32 channels. Wondering am I going to be able to make my own easily enough with beat detection etc or due to time is it best to purchase some this year ? I have seen several folks sharing LMS’s but with each setup being so unique can I really use someone else’s 32 channel show ? Can you tell I am a newbie! Without seeing the software yet I am just assuming it is a lot of work to create my own sequence for even a single song and time is running out this year….

Second wondering about getting the music sound to the outside. I will need to go with speakers off the PC sound card this year, perhaps FM next year. Is there anything special I need to do to get a half way decent level of sound outside ?

Lastly is an Electrical just in case there is an electrician out there. I’m putting in a 60amp sub-panel inside my attached garage on the opposite wall from my main. It’s about 55 foot away. From the sub will be 4 15 amp 110v circuits for my lights. No matter who I ask at HD/lowes I seem to get different answers on the wire size I need. One of the “most” common is 16/4 SER aluminum but I can’t believe I can get so many different answers. Any help ?

Thanks for any and all help !

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Most people are planning on having their shows up just after Thanksgiving which is just over two weeks away. This year you are going to need to keep your project simple (but fun) since you only have a couple weeks. Don't wait until this weekend to open the boxes.

Forget about programming your own sequences this year. I was happy with the LOR packaged sequences last year, they came with the music and were very generic in terms of presumptions about your yard layout. Sequences from others are likely to require customizing. You don't have time. And sequences from individuals won't legally come with music.

Your PC soundcard does not have enough power to drive speakers. Go to your favorite sound store and tell them what you want to do. The speakers will need to be outdoor speakers.

I am not an electrician ...

However, there's no way you can run 60 amps over 16 gauge wire for 55 feet without quickly starting a fire. :shock: Call a real electrician. You don't have time for this electrical task anyway!

Good luck,

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