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I have a new LOR controller . When I plug in the first plug the red light inside the box starts flashing. When I plug in the the other plug to the main power all the lights on the display come on and stay on.Hock up to PC and config it to find the controller all is normal . Try to run show it runs like normal. Other controller is okay ,but this contoller all the light stay on. unplug the controller and plug it back all the lights come on and stay on.

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You could try a reset.

Power off the controller. Remove the jumper from the 18 pin header upper right of the board. Power on the controller for 10-15 seconds. Power off controller. Reinstall the jumper on the same pins. I believe it is the second row down. Power on the controller.

The power cord for the right side channels 9-16 operate the onboard electronics.

One other thought that came to mind. Is the controller being use in residential power? Not a 3 phase system?


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