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Another timing problem?

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Concerning the LOR sequence editor. What am I doing wrong? I downloaded the free editor back in December, started playing with it, read all of the posts on PC that I could find, read the LOR wiki and watched the tutorials from LOR.

I have about 25 individual parts to the show I’m planning. Channels 1-4 are yard lights (part 1). My plan was to get the timing that I wanted on the yard lights, then go back and do channels 5-13 (Part 2, a big 35’ tree with 8 channels of vertical lights + a star.) While working on channels 5-13, I noticed the timing getting progressively worse the more I got into the song. (I’ve tried mp3 files with 128 fixed rate and wav files.) I would correct the timing on channels 1-4 and save the file again.

Every time I did this, the same thing would happen. At first I thought it was my computer because I had a couple of things running that I couldn’t get rid of,, Shellconhiddenwindows (a part of Music Match Jukebox) and ccApp (part of my Norton anti-virus.

I bought the full version when I ordered my first controller. I loaded it on a new machine, no Internet, lots of memory, no junk. The same thing is happening!

There’s only thing I’ve read that I don’t understand. I think I’ve read in different places…

“LOR needs to run on your desktop”

“LOR needs to run in the system tray (like the clock)”

“LOR needs to run in the control panel”

Not sure what that means.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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