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I'm dying here. I really need help. I have 3 LOR800W CTB08-D controllers. Unit 3 is giving me fits. Units 1 and 2 worked great in standalone mode for Halloween, no problem, no glitches. But for Christmas, I am using our computer to controller the lights. Tonight I configured the 3rd Unit and it is totally funky.

Lots of problems getting the unit to accept its ID number, but finally got that solved and it ultimately became Unit 3.

Unit 3 problems: I have 3 elves that I am trying to animate. The sequence is very simple, elf one on for 2 seconds then off, then elf two to come on for 2 seconds and then off, and then elf three on 2 seconds then off. The elves do come on, but they are not staying on for the 2 seconds, and then they run in reverse. Its irratic. What am I doing wrong.

I don't need the other 5 channels to do much more than to stay on. They won't. I have tried everything. The lights hooked up to these channels are flashing on and off. Is it the controller?

Last problem, every 18 seconds, which is the length of the entire sequence (it is set to loop at the end) there is a "blink" in the display, like a short flash. Units 1 and 2 are also doing this. Its subtle but annoying, in fact its horrid. I really need help as I have a bus load of Seniors coming here to see the display.

Please, anyone out there?

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Carrie ... I'm sure the others will chime in, but I'll toss my thoughts in here for you to consider.

Maybe you can specify a little more how you have your show arranged in the Show Editor.

For example ... what's in the "Startup tab" - doesn't sound like you need anything there.

What's in the "Background tab" -- from your description, it sounds like that's where your sequence(s) should be.

And nothing in the Animation or Music tabs. I say this because from what you wrote it sounds like it's more of a routine that you are running the entire evening versus a "show with various scenes" (if that makes sense). As I understand it, all the lights will go off at the end of the sequence before it begins playing again and I think that's what you are seeing.

From your description ... I think in the Background tab I'd have my entire sequence. Dan has said elsewhere that Background sequences should be a minute or more long (because they loop automatically).

I'd have the five "always on" channels and make sure the grid shows them "ON" in every square for each channel.

And for the elves, be sure you have the "On" for two seconds for each of them in order; and repeat the sequence to fill the entire minute (which would be 10 times).

That may be totally off base, but maybe it will kindle some resolution for you.

Good luck!

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Will address each issue.

1. Setting the address. (I understand it has been resolved).... I just want to confirm that setting the address of a LOR800W(CTB-08D) is via the Unit ID switches on the unit not via the Hardware Utility.

When setting the Unit ID via the switches you should have the Unit unplugged when you set the Unit ID and then plug it in when you are finished. The Unit checks those switches when it starts AND it will check them about once every minute when running.

2. If you had units running Standalone in the past and you want to now control them with the computer make sure the standalone sequence has been deleted. You can do that via the Hardware Utility in the Standalone section. Select the unit and click the delete command.

I recommend resetting the unit when converting from Standalone to PC control. To reset it:

Power off: Set Unit ID to "00": Power On (led will flash fast)

After 5 seconds or more: Power off: Set Unit ID Back to original Value.

3. The erratic nature Unit 03 could be a number of things but lights blinking on and off do not sound like a problem with the controller unless somehow that unit has a standalone sequence in it or some other such thing.

4. The flash at the end of the sequence is function of the way we handle the end of sequences. The lights will go off at the end of a sequence(an enhancement is on the way that makes that optional) but there are things we can do to get around it.

Send me your sequence, I will check it to make sure it is ok and I will adjust it so it will not have the flash every 18 seconds.

Reset all of your units to ensure that they do not have any funny stuff going on internally.

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