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DIO board will not update servo pulse widths


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I am having trouble updating my pulse widths on my DIO board. I can get to the config screen and change the widths, but when I click on "Update Unit" I get an error that says...

"Unit did not respond to the Option Settings, Retry Command"

Everytime I try to retry the command I keep getting the same error.

Ideas, suggestions? Should I throw it against the wall?...haha?

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Alright, since no one at LOR wants to answer this, I will tell you what I have been doing.

This error is completely random. Certain times it will update perfectly, sometimes it won't update at all. I actually found that if you try and change more than one channel at a time, I can NEVER get the update to update. However, if I do it one at a time, sometimes I get lucky on the first shot, sometimes I get lucky on the 10 try. It is completely random.

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