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updating firmwear

Ralph D

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I really would like to know how to step by step update my units ... and when i do i can only do one unit at a time right....were do i find the step by steps on this .....anyone! Dan.....Bob.....Help!


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Quoting from the CTB16PC user guide:

To load new firmware use a data cable (not wireless) to connect the controller(s) to the PC. Start the Hardware Utility and click the Refresh button to find your controller(s). Select the one you want to update from the drop-down menu to the right of the Refresh button. Click the Firmware button at the bottom of the window.

In the Firmware section of the window, under Step 1 – Select Unit, select the unit listed above. Under Step 2 – Select Firmware File, use the Open button to browse to the firmware file you downloaded. Under Step 3 – Press Download Button click the Download button. Do not interrupt this process. Your controller will reboot after the download completes.

You can click the Refresh button to see that the new firmware was loaded into your controller. Repeat this process for additional controllers.

Currently, it looks like the firmware bundled with the S2 updates is newer than the firmware on the support page in many cases. The hardware utility should automatically locate the bundled firmware files when you select open.

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