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Got my DIO32...but question now


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First off, bravo on the DIO board. It is a very impressive looking board if I do say so myself.

Now for a question. I have read the manual about 30 times and don't remember seeing this listed in there, but am hoping it is a feature.

The way my servos are installed, they are not at their exact centers all the time. For instance, one servos needs to be at an intensity of 58% for it to be centered...not really a big deal for me. What I am hoping is to set the DIO some way to make the 58% the dead center. Is that possible?

A little example. To get what I am moving to go up and down, I go from 58%(center) to 70% (full up) down to 42% (full down). Is there a way to program the DIO so that the 58% now becomes the starting point of the servo?

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