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MP3 waveform view doesn't match audio


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LOR 2.3.8 The waveform displayed for the MP3 is not in sync with the audio. In TSO's Christmas Canon, a quiet passage at 28 seconds is followed by a loud passage and comparing the waveform with the sound from the speakers, there is about a 4 second difference.

Playing the same song with Adobe Audition and Nero Edit, showed exact correlation between the waveforms and the sound.

Answer: The MP3 had been digitized with MP3PRO and a variable bit rate. Recoding the song with a constant bit rate and then re-reading it into LOR results in perfect sync between the displayed waveform and the music.

I will avoid using Variable Bit Rate MP3s with LOR.

This might be pretty basic to you experts out there, but it set me to wandering.

Bob L

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