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ctb16pc - led on board is off


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I first posted this problem back in Dec last year
The solution worked once , being it was so late on I swapped to 32 channels and let it run
Dan solution was -
It is uncommon for a controller to stop working while not in use. As others have said, make sure that both cables are plugged in and that there is power in the outlet.

If you are sure that you have power then try a reset: Unplug, Remove the jumper from the 2nd row of the 18 pin header then plug it in for 3 seconds... If you do not see the LED start blinking fast when you plug it in then just unplug it because the reset is not going to work.

Finally, with the power off, put the jumper back on the SECOND row of the 18 pin header. Make sure it is the SECOND row.

If this fails then with the power off, pull the comm chip out of the card. The comm chip is the 8 pin chip that is to the left of the CAT5 cable connections. Be careful not to try and pull the socket out of the card.

Then plug it in. If the LED blinks you need a new comm chip.


So going back to this I have tested it again - have power - if I remove the jumper from the 2nd row the led does blink (not that fast) , put the jumper back nothing .
Removed the comms chip - power on - no blinking led.

Help ....

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