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LOR S2 sequence editor stops playing song abruptly


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I think I have a repeatable problem here (twice with different files), so I thought I'd run this past the group and see if it happens to others as well.

I'm using LOR S2 v2.3.8 advanced. Opening files and playing them using the Sequence editor. First open a shorter file. I used announcement files as a test when this first happened and I got it to repeat with different files.

Once the first file is open, play it by pressing the green play button (play range is "Full sequence"). It plays fine. In my case the first file was 7 seconds long.

Open up sequence file #2 (it is 17 seconds long). Press green "Play again" button. I've always used Play again when two sequences are open because it plays the currently open file without asking me the "Play this sequence? or Play all sequences?" questions.

When I press "Play again", the second file starts to play properly, but it shuts off and stops playing when it gets to the time represented by the length of the first file (7 seconds in my case). So instead of playing for the full length of 17 seconds, it stops after 7 seconds.

It never used to do this before with the previous versions, but I was able to get repeatable behavior with this version using other files. Maybe the "Play again" button functionality has changed? It just seems odd that the 2nd file would stop after the 7 seconds....

Oh well....Does this happen to anyone else?

Thanks, Randy

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