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I'm back again...

I am ready to order my LED lights (and by the look of things I might be a little late in the process)...and I just want to make sure I am looking at things correctly as I have never used the LED's.

Is it safe to assume that I need the following to hook up LED (commercial) strings together:

1) Obviously the LED light strings
2) An adaptor - power cord for each different set of strings I need
3) PLUS a wire connector/extension cord BETWEEN each string I want connected together?? (or can the individual strings be connected to each other and the connector/extension cord is just if you want/need spacing between the light strings?

Just want to be sure before I put in my order...


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Correct. You need one (or more) power cord for each channel. They will connect directly end to end, or you can separate them with their special extension cords. They also have those splitters, so somewhere down the string you can split out into several strings in different directions. You would only need more than one power cord if you exceed 125 strings, or you have geographically separated lighting on the same channel, and want to use other cords than the LED string specific cords.

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