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Copy Channel Titles?


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Hey...I downloaded one of those free Music Sequences from the LOR website...can I copy my Channel Info (Descriptions, colors, etc) from one of my sequences into the one I downloaded? I tried doing a search on both this forum and the LOR Help, but couldn't find anything.


PS: And I mean ALL channels at once...not one at a time. lol

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Sure, you can. Here's the short version of how.

Open one of your "good" sequences and use the pulldown menu "Edit" and then "Export Channel configuration" to send your channel configuration to a file. Close it.

Then open up the downloaded file, and insert the number of blank channels at the top that you have (64, 96, etc.)

Now you have the downloaded sequence at the bottom rows of the file and a blank set of channels at the top rows. Then use the "Edit" "Import Channel configuration" function to bring back your channel titles and assignments back into the file.

All that's left is to copy the downloaded sequence elements from the bottom rows up to the top "blank" rows and build yourself a customized sequence with your attributes...Copy tree sequence to your tree channels, leaping lights to leaping lights, etc. When done, delete the downloaded channels and you'll be left with a new sequence that is customized for your setup...


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Thanks Randy...

You guys are great here...must be that "Christmas Spirit" that you have all year round...since that's how long we work on our displays!!! LOL

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