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Hello all,

I ordered several LOR controllers (without the SAVE10 deal) and requested them to be delivered by a certain date ( nothing out of reason of course because I knew they would already be busy with e sale).

I didn't hear anything from them and thought I might send an e-mail to see if my request might be made. They responded with a positive note saying they were really busy (and I can see why) and would get them out and shipped to me by the date I requested. As I know they were seriously busy getting out orders, I figured I would get them a few days after my request date.

That was NOT the case, not at all. They shipped them bad boys to get them here on the date I originally requested :waycool::waycool::waycool:.

I have a test show for July 4th that I needed to do like really soon and was wondering about the order. Well, I should have not had any concern as LOR came thru as requested. Gosh, it doesn't get any better than that right there.

Dan, you and everyone else at LOR are just simply amazing with the big sale you had and still able to complete a little request like mine. Please give them all my thanks as I know more than 1 person made this happen.

THANK YOU!!! :waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool:


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