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Tapper Wizard Error?


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When I try to use the tapper wizard to add marks to the sequence I get an error that say's "Cannot add timings to a fixed timing grid"

I updated to 2.3.8 and am trying to use the tapper wizard like I always have.
I have the timings set at .10, then I go through the tapper wizard.
I set "Make a particular channel briefly turn on, then turn off...
I check "snap to existing events" and set it at 6 hundredths of a second. So it won't add any extra timings.

I tried adding a new track, but also get the same error.

I am a little tired, and have not sequenced in a while but am I missing something?



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I knew I was tired but I don't have a clue how I missed that thread!!!

So it took me a few minutes to understand how the "fixed/free form" timing grid works but I think that is pretty cool. I hate having timing grids splattered all over. I know that it doesn't matter to the timing marks if they are split between cells, but it bugs me.
Being able to toggle between timings is pretty cool.



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