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Mixed timings in same grid


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I've asked this before some time ago and cannot remember what the feedback was. I've got a song done in .10 timing, but every so often throughout the grid the timing is .05. It is just a column here and there but it makes it so I cannot paste horizontally as it throws everything off. Is there a way to make everything .10? It seems like someone told me once something about "snap to existing events" or something like that.

Thanks in advance.


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Two things:

First, you might be interested in the new "timing grids" feature. You can now have multiple sets of timings in a single sequence, completely independent of each other, and quickly switch which one is displayed via a dropdown list (in the toolbar). So, in your example, instead of having a "mostly" 0.10 second grid with some 0.05 cells, you could have two separate grids, one 0.10 and the other 0.05, and switch between them as appropriate.

Or, if you don't really want the 0.05 cells at all, you can just create a 0.10 grid and switch to that.

Second, for pasting, there are two different paste modes: "Paste by Time" and "Paste by Cell". If the one you're using is not acting the way you want, you might want to try the other. Here's an example that shows the difference between them:

Let's say you have a 37 second sequence with the following timings:


And the following effects:

0 - 1 : Fade up, 0% to 100%
1 - 2 : On, 100%
2 - 3 : Twinkle
3 - 37 : Off

Then you copy the first three events, and paste them starting at time 3.

If you have "Paste by Cell" turned on, then you'll get the following effects:

0 - 1 : Fade up, 0% to 100%
1 - 2 : On, 100%
2 - 3 : Twinkle
3 - 3.5: Fade up, 0% to 100%
3.5 - 5.5: On, 100%
5.5 - 37: Twinkle

But if you have "Paste by Time" turned on, you'll instead get the following effects:

0 - 1 : Fade up, 0% to 100%
1 - 2 : On, 100%
2 - 3 : Twinkle
3 - 4 : Fade up, 0% to 100%
5 - 6 : On, 100%
6 - 7 : Twinkle
7 - 37 : Off

One thing to note is that no matter which mode is selected, no timings will be added when you paste. Only effects are added. So in the "Paste by Time" mode, the effects that you add might not line up with timings (and this is the case in the above example).

To switch which paste mode you're using, go to the Edit menu and select "Set Paste Mode".

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