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Information about the LOR sale.
Date: July 6 thru July 20
Prices: To be announced soon

TryForFree will be back again this year. Just like last year, we will be giving away $20,000.00 in free orders. Last year 34 people received their orders for free and the 35th winner had the maximum amount, $2,500.00 discounted from their order.

In addition, 4 new Dell desktop computers will be given away to those who use the TryForFree promotion.

Even more! TryForFree customers will have an additional 2% discount in addition to the sale prices. (Every little bit helps!).

BUT as always there is a catch. TryForFree orders will have deferred shipping and may take up to 10 weeks to ship. Also, we will be pre-collecting payment this year on TryForFree Orders. When you enter the TryForFree promotion, we may collect payment from you before we ship your order. Here is the reason why: The delayed shipping creates a nightmare with payment collection. After 21 days Paypal payments expire, after 30 days Yahoo erases all CC numbers from orders, automatic payment collection no longer works. Cards expire, are stolen, over draw, international exchange rates change and we end up with 100s of orders awaiting payment clearance. (It is a mess prone to errors and unhappy customers).

The additional 2% we give off with the TryForFree orders more than covers any reasonable interest you would have gained on the money. You would need to be collecting 10% to 20% APR on your money to better that 2%.

We know that some people will want us to hold shipment/payment to a specific time. We can do that for you. Place that information into the comment box of the order.

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