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Setting up show for SD card on the LOR MP3 Hardware Tab

David Barnett

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Hello folks. I have already sent this to the wishlist folks.

Is there anyone using the MP3 tab on the hardware utility; to set up your show for the SD card to go in the MP3 player.

If so, has anyone figured out a way to select and add more than one musical/animation seq. at a time?

Just checked my 2.3.6, the harware utility doesn't have that feature.:D

Last season, first timer..it was rather a pain to get all the songs in the hardware MP3 tab to copy to the SD card. As I had the same shows run again, in diff. order.

I have tried SHIFT click and CTRL click...no go. As well as using CTRL a (select all)

Any ideas appreciated to make this somewhat easier this year if possible. Will probably stick with the MP3 this year, perhaps move to a computer controlled show next year. So many ideas, so little time.



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That feature is not present in the current software. It is on the to do list and will hopfully be available for you this season.

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You should be able to go to the Retrieve License page and get your license. We have a temporary workaround in place that is working for now.


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Well I have the latest and greatest (newest version 2.6.7 I believe) of the Light-O-Rama software and I CAN NOT add multiple files (sequences) using copy/paste or the CTRL key. So if this was added, how does one get it to implement? Because I can't do this from the Hardware Utility file under the MP3 player either. Adn I want to add a LOT of BLANK MUSICAL SEQUENCES to run/play Christmas Music and announcements of showtimes for my display during the shows off hours. I'm tlking 40-60 files here and adding them one at a time is not only a pain, it's just downright annoying to have to click and add, click and add for each file, when just clicking on the folder that contains these empty sequences except for music/announcement files would make this soooooo much easier to get things done much faster and more efficiently!

BTW: Another feature (I can't seem to find the wishlist area for some reason) I'd like to see is being able to use under the STAR OPTION ie the FADE UP/FDADE DOWN with the intensity setting without having SHIMMER or RANDOM FLASHING also selected. Many times I just want to fade something up at a lesser intensity WITHOUT the addition of random flashing or shimmering. So just being able to select Fade Up or Fade Down with ONLY the INTENSITY setting would be a great plus in my book! As this is a feature I'd use quite often, as it is now, I have to fade up, guess how long I need to make it, then try and use the regular intensity setting to adjust everything, again, a process that is far too long and painstaking to get right, so being able to just select FADE UP/FADE DOWN and INTENSITY ONLY under the "special effects area (STAR)" would definitely be a great feature to have.

I'd also like to see the Hardware Feature have a REVERSE feature when you select all channels and it operates the lights, then cycles back, actually I'd like to see THREE OPTIONS here. FORWARD ONLY 1-16, FORWARD Then REVERSE 1-16/16/-1 (back and forth), and REVERSE ONLY 16-1 when testing the LOR Controller(s) for operation and making sure all lights are working. This isn't really very important, just think it'd be nice to have when testing controllers.



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