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CaCL Workshop and Expo


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For those newbies that are located in the Northern California region - there is going to be a Christmas Lighting Workshop & Expo in Sacramento Memorial weekend - here is the link: http://workshop.californiachristmaslights.com/Welcome.html

I know all of the mistakes I made in 2008 during my first animation attempt. Since then the learning curve has been logrithmic - and the help from members of this forum outstanding.

To make a long story short - after some dialog with the Workshop & Expo folks - I am teaching the "From Static to Animated" session, and am totally jazzed about doing it! If I can help others start into this process and save them from making the same mistakes then this is a cool thing to do.

I finished my PowerPoint presentation tonight - I had to much material to fit into a 1 hour presentation, so I had to cut back the number of slides by about 30%.


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