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Song showing up in recent sequence file but not in lor sequence folder nor in existing sequence

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Hey All,

I am a newbie so bare with me. So far so good til now that i am a bit stumped.

I started a song that was a bit more than i could chew in the beginning so i put it on the back burner. During that time i had a fellow lor user that was interested in the song i had and i sent him what i had done on the sequence. He made some changes to it and sent it back to me. Now i have learned a lot more about sequencing and decided to start working on the song again but it only shows up in my recent sequence file and nowhere else.

Is there problem or is it the operator? LOL.......

Any advice would be appreciated.


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My first suggestion is to look in the recent sequences tab, look under the location field and see where the sequence is located. If it is not where you think it should be, go to where it is located, and copy/move it. Of course, if you move it, it won't be able to be loaded from the recent sequence tab.


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