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Fireside Frights


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thanks everyone, yes it's an enclosed lightbox.
Had to drag out a controller and try it out, looks awesome in the dark.
Not sure what I was thinking making it so big, last years was too short, so I got carried away. Hope it will withstand the wind, prob have to have some support wires or something. I have 5 gallon buckets I'm going to fill with cement and set the 4x4 to hold the top up. We'll see!

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R Weiland wrote:

I like it!

I was wondering what material you are using behind the letter cut outs.
Thanks again!
I make vinyl stickers, so I use the vinyl material, tried purple first but was too dark for light to get through, so I ordered some orange and it works great. I hot glued it sticky side in for fear of collecting a ton of bugs and crap.
Now I'm going to make a Tune in lightbox, thinking a tombstone shaped sign.
If you need to know where to order pm me, it's about 13 buck for 10 yards and another 12 or so shipping, might try ebay for smaller amounts.
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This is very cool, I'm hoping to do the Sommerville Cemetary gates for this year and you've definately inspired me to get my butt in gear.

As Evan said, "Thanks for sharing" and please continue

Daryl B.

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smjosephrn wrote:

I would've never thought of that. It looks great. I've been wanting circular columns for my display. I'll bet if I take styro and cut grooves on one side I can bend it to a circular shape. Ah!!!! You've inspired me!
that would be cool, let me know if it can be done, that's a lot of bending, concrete tube forms might be a better alternative, as long as you can keep the moisture out.
Most of my inspiration, even though they don't have a lightshow, came from a place in la mesa ca. one night trying to find a good neighborhood to take the kids, this place was amazing, a line 2 blocks long to get in, and the rest of the neighborhood was done up well too.
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Not sure what to do this year. I thought about offering to put it all up for the steam railway on their station for their Halloween weekend instead of putting it up here but not sure if they'd need extra insurance. I'd have lots of room to be able to build something like this over there. Huge cemetery .

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