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DMX programming Issues with 2.1.6


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Prepping a bit for our WA State Mini, so this is the first I have played with this version of LOR. If these are known sorry. Been maxed out in many ways, so I admit I have not searched this out at all. 1 and 2 were also issues in the previous version.

1. When programming DMX intensities, and low values 1-10, somehow the cell has to have a better way to show you that there is something in the cell. That very thin line, or no visible line, can get hard to see with the aging eyes. This really only pertains to DMX values, because most will not be running lights at 2% value (DMX=5).

It took me a bit to realize why my color washes were on very dimly. This test universe is very small, and not terminated. So I had to go query the cell info to see that a DMX value of 5 was there and not visible. Which brings up point 2 that I know has been asked here before:

2. Put the View Cell Value as a hot key or RMB option.

3. Is there a new DMX Intensity Shortcut key?

4. If we have DMX Intensity,........... Can we also have another DMX fade, with more than just 10 options?

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