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My New Encloser Too!

James Shelby

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I wish I had some more room at the bottom but I used old copier parts, a box I found stuck back in the back covered in dust and the power cords I found on the web. It's 30 amps per side, 96 channels with a total connected LED load of only 19.2 amps.

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crackchecker wrote:

sawyer1206 wrote:
but it adds alot to your extension cord footage

That would be my biggest concern too!
There will be two wiring harnesses 45 feet long, one to the left and one to right, 90 feet total length. The box will be mounted to my bridge side rail "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq3Un2AHWQE" almost in the middle on the left side. So the box will cut down on excess cord length by a lot, with this setup the length will be now 2100 feet of SPT2. The 90 foot length has 288 bands of C6 LED's with 5 50 count strands in each band. Excess cords has always been a problem to hide, keep tied up and tidy.
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evana wrote:

someone always ruins it.

James nice box...

I don't think that your statement was correct, we were not ruining anything. One of the great thinks about this forum is how we learn from each other. If you reread my orginal post you will find I was only pointing out what I learned from building a simular enclosure last year. I've learned alot from other members here and I hope others will learn from my expericences.

a link to the enclosure I built last year:
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I really like your controller, too. I also have a box like yours custom made for $5K years ago and when it filled with water and melted, I found LOR and went with the single card controllers, it was so much cheaper . If this box works as well as I think it will I'm going to change the cords out to six 37 pin AMP connectors for the two 45 foot wiring harnesses. Then for the 2010 season I can setup one controller and roll out the two harnesses and I'm done, time savings should be out of this world. Please keep to photos coming it gives all of us new ideas for our own projects.

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