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LED Snow Fall Meteor Tubes

Vic Fortenbach

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One new ides for Christmas 2009 may be the LED Snow falling Meteor tubes.

These tubes are about 1 ½ inch in diameter and range in length from about 1 ½ to 4 feet. Inside the tube are some closely spaced white LEDs mounted on a long circuit board. The LEDs sequence or move in a downward direction to create the look of falling snow.

These tubes resemble a vertical leaping arch, only smaller with LEDs.

So far the tubes operate in a standalone mode, which means you can only control the on/off function. No dimming, twinkle or other effects.

Galaxia has the capability of creating this look with their system, you can see them hanging in a tree on the owners YouTube video. The Galaxia version is not contained in a tube.

There is talk about these on PlanetChristmas chat room.

There is also a group buy, videos and more information here on these tubes.

There are at least one vendor that sell these tubes off the shelf, a bit pricy, but the look is very cool.

What do you think, are they pretty cool or not? To get a good effect of falling snow, I think 3-5 or more tubes should be combined in a tree or hanging from a house eve.

I want to get in on the group buy, but I want to get LOR users opinion first.

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Youtube link does not work. Says URL contains malformed video. I would actually like to see these in action.

Just watched video on the group buy website. Interesting effect. Any way to speed up or slow down the fall rate?

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That was one of the features I wish the meteor tube had.

Here is the correct link to the Galaxia owners You Tube video:

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