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Any one here use Vixen and S2?

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I have been introduced to the DIY world, and although I am never leaving LOR, I have built an LEDTriks. A very easy build, especially for someone like me who has never built(soldered) anything before. I would definately recommend it to anyone here who wants a controllable sign.

Anyway, here is my plan. I want to run my show with S2 on one computer...no big deal, I have done it for years. My new plan is to take an older laptop and just run Vixen to control the LEDTriks. However, I wouldn't be able to easily get the sign to sync with the songs S2 is showing. So, my plan was to add the same music I am using with the actual show, into Vixen and basically have two shows going at one. My problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to get the music into an LEDTriks sequence.

Anyone have any experience with Vixen and could help me out?

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I have been trying to figure this out myself because I really want to use the LEDTriks...so bare with me.

According to Tim W. over on DIYC, we can use a pluggin to trigger the TRIKS-C in the sequence. Then the Triks would play whatever LEDTriks file was created. It is an extra step, but still should work.

I need to finish building my board and I will see how it works.

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