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If I plan on using triggers...


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So I plan to use triggers this year, but what i want to know is if I need to purchase a new usb adapter, I remember from reading a few years ago the booster adapters are nice for trigger turn around time. I plan on having 5 controller boxes, and using inputs from two boxes, 4 inputs total. It sounds like my current adapter will work, but they make it sound like it will lag the show if too many inputs are used.

I have this now: USB485 http://store.lightorama.com/uscoad.html

For my setup would it be advised to buy this?

USB485B http://store.lightorama.com/uscoadwivobo.html


Below is something I found relating to this....

What I vaguely remember being important about the booster version is that it is supposed to be able to switch between transmit and receive faster.. This would imply that if you are using the interactive features, that it would waste less time, or usable bandwidth switching modes...
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