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GA Mini April 25


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We have a date and somewhat of a plan if your are interested in attending PM me

here is the update for the week ..

location Smyrna GA http://soundoflight.fairyweb.com

A few folks have come by .. there is only 5 folks that have sent in their deposits.

The plan so far,

Dates: April 24, 25, 26

Friday April 24, night is casual, mostly I will be here setting up and those that have spoken to bring canopies, and equipment can come by to set up,
yes you can bring equipment and we can set it up and light it up if you want, we will mostly Sit around the firepit, roast marshmallows, and drink, I would like most of the equipment set up by 10 AM Saturday so we can get started as quick as possible. We have a lot to cover

If you have any chairs or tables to bring, go ahead and bring them. or you can drop them off earlier in the week.

We will have a station kind of setup, a welding station, a talk and screen station for Presentation type stuff, A mini tree station, a Mega tree station, a Lor station, a Antenna and radio station, and the list can go on and on. if you want to see something or have something to show PM me and we will get you lined up. The station will stay up and after the formal tracks are done, you can split into groups and get more info from any of the stations. Those who are in charge of stations I need your presentation times ASAP

Saturday is the actual Meeting Date, we will start arriving and then around 9:00 we will start the talks and demos around 10:00 am,

We have welding this year. We have a metal bending station,
around 6:00 PM Saturday we will have supper, but there will be snacks throughout the day. After supper will be the lights on, so we can see what the things we built during look like at night.

If you want to present something of interest let me know ASAP so we can get it on the list.

Saturday after supper can also be the swap meet, but we can go again Sunday if we are not done, so Sunday will be a chill day and take down.

We do have some RV parking here if we need it, but make sure you let me know so I can arrange the space for you. if you need a hotel also let me know and I will see if we can a good rate at one of the local hotels here.

I really would like to know the count as quickly as possible, so that I can arrange for meals and the projection Tent.

once I get a few more folks we can get online or a conference call and finalize some more details.

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