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Multiple LOR Networks


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Is there a way where you can use lets say 16 channels for 1 effect on 1 song and 1 song only but, be able to redirect the same 16 channels for effects on other lighted display pieces that are used many times for many other songs.

Or would I have to purchase a additional controller just for this one 5 second effect?

Perhaps another idea is born.....................comments?

I thank you kindly in advance for your assistance.

Cordially, Edge

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Actually, that is unrelated to the LOR multiple network support..

Look here and at PC for posts on Double Your Channels..

Basically, you use one channel to run a number of relays that change which elements are connected to the channels.

I know one user who built a pair of 48 channel doublers, and in hindsight thinks it would have made more sense to just buy the extra channels..

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