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Identical LOR on 2 systems - transferability?

Rick Hughes

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This year (2009) I will have an independent PC dedicated to my show (the SHOW box). It's "fresh" out of the box. It's a very basic configuration quite suitable for running the show, but I wouldn't want to do much else like creating Schedules and Show files unless necessary.

I would like to remove LOR on my current PC (which I will continue to use for daily living and will use for music editing, LOR sequencing, etc.).

So ... two questions ...

1) Other than doing an UNINSTALL of my existing LOR (which I believe started as v1.3) is there anything else I should do to be sure a "fresh" install is "clean."?

2) I plan to install the new LOR systems into a root directory on each PC (C:LOR). Assuming the directory structures are the same on each PC would I be able to copy files from my regular PC to the SHOW box and have everything work automagically? Obviously the sequences and the audio files ... but what if I copy over the Schedule and Show files? (Do they contain everything they need ... or are there extraneous bits in the registry or elsewhere that won't get transferred over?)

Thanks ...

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If you have the same directory structure on both machines, and the files in the same places, you'll probably be fine. Not 100% guaranteed, though, because of the following possibility:

Well, before I describe the possibility, the short answer for how to avoid the possibility is to additionally make sure that you tell LOR installer to use the same data directory by default on both machines. The long answer:

There is a directory that LOR looks for sequence/show files in by default, and another that it looks for song files in by default. You chose these two directories when you first installed (although I think it really only asks you for the directory ABOVE them - for example, you say "C:LOR Data", and it then sets its defaults as "C:LOR DataSequences" and "C:LOR DataAudio" or something like that).

Now, if a media file that you use is actually in the default media directory, LOR doesn't store its full path name in the sequence file. Instead, it just stores the name as contained within that default directory. For example, if your default directory is "C:LOR DataAudio", and you use the media file "C:LOR DataAudioMySong.mp3" in some sequence, that sequence will only refer to "MySong.mp3" rather than "C:LOR DataAudioMySong.mp3".

So, let's say you have the following on the first machine:

  • Sequence file = C:LORSequencesMySequence.lms
  • Song file = C:LORAudioMySong.mp3
  • Default sequence directory = C:LORSequences
  • Default media directory = C:LORAudio
Then the sequence file will refer to "MySong.mp3".

Now let's say you set up the second machine as follows:
  • Sequence file = C:LORSequencesMySequence.lms
  • Song file = C:LORAudioMySong.mp3
  • Default sequence directory = C:Something ElseSequences
  • Default media directory = C:Something ElseAudio

Then despite the fact that you copied your sequence and your song into the same directories as they were in on the original machine, your sequence won't be able to find your song, since it will look for it in "C:Something ElseAudio".

But if you told LOR on the second machine to use "C:LOR" rather than "C:Something Else", everything should be fine.

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