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Well, January is gone by the boards so its time to start planning for 2009. So, I'm looking for some help.

I'm looking for ideas for some new bits and comedic possibilities for this season or suggestions on how to refresh what I've already done over the past few years.

All I ask is that it can be used for a rated G audience. If you have any ideas either send them to me via email thedementedelf@charter.net or post them on here.

I thank you in advance.



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Kevin after this so called stimulus bill passed today I could not give you anything G rated.

However, I think everything I have heard you do has been great. Will try to think of something interesting. Maybe something like hey AL this one is for you and all the lights turn on at once.

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hi Kevin,

I love what you do, as you know, seeing as how you've done my show for the past two years. I was thinking maybe for next year, you could have a few open ended statements in the program. Something like:

Hey, this is KELBEE 103.7, that was one of my favorites. We'll be playing more of him a little later tonight. Comming up next is Paul McCartney. Wow, who ever thought the Beatles would be doing Christmas music. Enjoy!!

Or maybe something like:

That was the Transylvanian Orchestra, we've put some of their best music to lights. We have more of that lined up, right after one of my favorite traditional treats. Thanks for dropping by and have a Merry Christmas.

Just a thought, then the I can add any song into the mix that isn't really anounced.

I have some other ideas if you really want some, I'll pm you.

Kelbee FM 103.7 in Boise, Idaho

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