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Chauvet LEDWash 200B Buy/Pricing


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For anyone interested, the rep I have gotten my Chauvet LEDWash 200B's from, has agreed to Planet Christmas price of $125 shipped. There is no timeframe on this, he will honor it for as long as we keep ordering them.

These are new units, not "used" "refurbished", or "used like new". There are dealers out there pushing these quality of fixtures, at a slightly lower price than that listed above.

These are fully warrantied by Chauvet.

The rep will set you up with a PayPal invoice or he will take a credit card.

Send me an email or PM and I will provide his contact information.

Here is some specs on the unit:

  • 6-channel DMX-512 LED washlight
  • Blackout/static/dimmer/strobe
  • Selector switch for sound active or automatic programs
  • Static colors and RGB color mixing with or without DMX controller
  • Built-in automated programs via master/slave or DMX
  • Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX
  • Linkable with LED Shadow™ LED Shadow™2, LED Techno Strobe™, LED Techno Strobe™ RGB and LEDsplash® 2 in standalone
  • Beam angle: 28°
  • Field angle: 49°
  • Lux: 930 @ 1 m
  • Light Source: 199 (67 red, 66 green, 66 blue) LEDs 100,000hrs
  • Power and current: 120V, 60Hz: 19W, 0.2A operating, 0.2A inrush
  • AC Power: Switchable 115V/230V 50/60Hz
  • Weight: 4.67lbs (2.12kgs)
  • Size: 9.5in x 9in x 6.75in
    241.3mm x 228.6mm x 171.45mm

Attached files 171635=9839-200b.jpg
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One thing I failed to mention, is that this guy carries a lot of DMX and lighting products. He has offered us a deal for the 200b's but once you talk to him, see what other lines he carries. He is very negotiable and willing to work with us on pricing for his entire product line.

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Bob, I understand your concern, and hear what you are saying. Members use non outdoor rated products all the time with the proper preparation. This board is a classic example. You would not take an LOR PCB board and put it outside, power it up, hook it up and use it. But, you put it in a box, well now you have something that is functional.

Getting weatherproof DMX fixtures is very costly. Yours is an example. Craig Marshall over on PC is bringing what looks to be a solid weather proof DMX wash fixture to market, but he is not sure when he can deliver them. I hope he can soon, but even so, his will be around $200, still more than what the 200B is going for. How you spend your dollars is up to you.

I am all for the best bang for the buck and attempting to not be stupid about things. This is one option for folks. Myself and several other used these last year with no failiures whatsoever. I am in Seattle and we had one of the worst Dec on record for snow and rain.

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Best band for the buck is great for me too! I really do appreciate your post of a connection with a good price. Many hours are spent looking at site after site trying to find the right product at a good value. I have considered or purchased from similar posts. Thanks so much.

My choices are due to prior purchases which only last one or two seasons. Mostly halloween stuff. If it has a circuit board in it, and you plan to leave it outside for over a month, I think it has to be well protected. Agreed...they are alot more expensive. I have taken the plunge on strobes from Darryl.

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Buy this product because you want to. I am in no way getting a kickback, freebies or anything else besides the privledge of standing right there next to you paying the same price for any additional fixtures I want or need.

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These look good on some of the pictures I saw. But I don't know my ash from a hole in the ground on the dmx issue.
The listing for this says with or without dmx. So how does this operate? I could ask many stupid questions, but if I can operate without extra crazy stuff, I'm in!

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If you look at the specs, it says that there are automated programs. You can set them with a dip switch. It would be a waste of a fixture, but possible. DMX is just another protocol. The term channel takes on a slightly different personality. To maximize the unit, you would need to drive it with some sort of DMX controller. In the case of LOR, that is the iDMX.

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Ponddude wrote:

Hmmmm....this is temping...

Any chance of getting the Color Splash Jr. in some type of deal?
I found the Color Splash JR in a 10 pack for $47.50 each. Free shipping too. Is this a good price?
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Thanks ZMAN for the quick response

I haven't been able to find the a better price

Just trying to get into dmx

The 120 led floods I got from progear warehouse are awesome

but I use up a lot of channels for a wash senario

Thanks for your time

Frank A.;)

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