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This really opens up some possibilities for video dmx


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I just learned about this product.


It's a dmx box that connects to a pc with USB and converts dmx values to keystrokes on the computer. It's a way of turning a pc into a poor man's media server.

This brings a whole new aspect of video when programming the display. Instead of sequencing my whole show to video files, I could treat my projector like just one more dmx fixture and trigger a video clip whenever I wanted it...

Really neat stuff...

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Still a heck of a lot cheaper than a media server, though. This seems like the sort of thing that ought to be available a heck of a lot cheaper with open source software, though.

Looks like some students in Colorado came up with the idea. I wonder what Rosco paid them for it?

"The RAMBox series was created during the 2003-2004 academic year. The suggestion was made to create a device what would be able to use the DMX-512 protocol to control a PowerPoint slide show. When the school year was completed a device was created that would take an input from a computer transmit that signal over the DMX line to a waiting device at the other end which would interpret the signal and perform the command associated with the “keystroke”. This device was very popular with the theater design company Rosco industries. Rosco purchased the design from the students and implemented it using a USB cable, and called it “keystroke”."
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