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Thoughts on S2


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I haven't noticed a post-2008 S2 suggestions thread (please excuse me if I missed it,) so I'd like to toss some ideas out that crossed my mind while working on my first show, and reading about how others are using LOR.

I do like S2 as it is, I'm just looking to see if a) there already is a way to do it, :P maybe it's a good suggestion, or c) am I nuts?!? These are in no particular order. Please comment on or add to the list.

1. In the sequence editor, optionally lock a row(s) in a display position. For instance, you'd lock beat channels so as you scroll vertically, they stay on-screen without having to drag them into an area where you're working.

2. Run a show from the show editor for testing, so you don't have to set up and run it from a schedule.

3. Variable shimmer and twinkle rates.

4. Device intensity profiles. They'd behave kind of like a printer or monitor color profile, so for instance, LED brand X would fade like an incandescent. Since there's so many different brands, ideally we'd be able to create these ourselves and share them.

5. Minimum fade up/down times, i.e., for soft starting pumps.

6. Something that I can best describe as an "intensity envelope". For example, it would let you fade out a bunch of effects without having to go into the intensity dialog repeatedly. The best equivalent I can think of is the envelope feature in Audacity.

7. Disclaimer: I may be way off in my understanding and assumptions on this one. I'm sure this idea would require massive changes to implement, but here goes: use the channel name, rather than screen order as the link to the physical device in the channel configuration. My thought here is that I could label a row, for instance, "minitree 1". In the channel config, the unit/circuit for that set of lights would be labeled "minitree 1", which creates the link. This implies that the channel config would be a separate entity from a sequence and linked, not imported into the sequence. If I had to move "minitree 1" to a different unit/circuit, I'd only need to update the one channel config, not update, export then import into each sequence in the show, while making sure the channel order is correct before importing.

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