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2008 Videos LOR and Firefly


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Here are the 2008 Christmas videos from the happyholidayhome! So here it is, my videos with 4 firefly units, and one barely seen firefly acrylic rod tree. There is also a 30' Mega Arch! Make sure you check out the "real" rudolph song, I did that "pop up" video thing when a firefly unit went crazy! The fake Rudolph is pretty funny also! Hope you like them!

True Believer:

Colors! (the real one):

I Like to Move It (from Madagascar):

He's A Pirate (from POTC: Dead Man's Chest):

Carol of the Bells (Techno):

Rudolph Mix (rickroll):

The Torchwood Theme:

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Mix:

I also have Christmas Eve Sarajevo, Wizards in Winter and A Mad Russian's Christmas, and Linus and Lucy without sound, but they are not that exciting for some reason.
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